Insects on aquatic plants

Scope of This Manual The importance of plant-feeding insects in the dynamics of aquatic and wetland ecosys tems is often unappreciated. This is most often due to the unfamiliarity of resource managers, scientists, and others with the plant-feeding insects that are present in these ecosystems. The purpose of this manual is mainly to assist in the recognition of these insects and the damage that they cause. The presence of invasive exotic plants in natural ecosystems means that biological control insects of these weeds will also be found there. Thus, this manual includes not only common native insects of aquatic and wetlands weeds, but also naturalized biological control insects. It is our hope that this work will foster improved recognition of the more common native and introduced plant-feeding insects in aquatic and wetland ecosystems of the southeastern United States. It must be noted, however, that the insects presented on these pages are only a few representatives of a large and diverse entomofauna. Specialists should be consulted when positive identifications are required